Houston County Garbage Fees

The Houston County Commission has voted to make property owners responsible for paying garbage collection fees. But, some landlords are opposed to that move.

Houston County officials said more than 1,400 of their 9,000 sanitation accounts are at least three months past due. More than 200 residents owe more than $200, so they haven't paid up in years. The county charges $9.60 per month. But, Administrator Roy Roberts said it's not always cost effective to try to collect from deadbeats.

Making landowners responsible for payment will allow a judge to impose liens against their property if they don't pay up. But some rental property owners feel they're being discriminated against.

Commission Chairman Mark Culver said holding property owners responsible for payments is the best way to avoid raising fees for everyone.

This change takes effect May 1.

Houston County residents with only social security for income are exempt from paying a sanitation fee, but they must reapply for the exemption each year.