Two Wiregrass Churches Burglarized

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Broken glass lies on the ground where the church’s window, which is now duct taped, was broken into. There’s a shoe print from where the church’s backdoor was kicked down.

A member at Skipperville's, Morgan Baptist Church noticed something just wasn't right when she went inside the church’s sanctuary Monday morning.

The pulpit and other items in the church were disheveled. At Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Midland City all has been cleaned up, but on January 28 someone had also broken into it.

Dale County Sheriff Bryant Mixon says, "They stole an American flag, but of all things they stole sound equipment, a ladder, they even stole a bathroom mirror, and a clock, CD burners, CD players"

And the list goes on.

After tips, sheriff deputies went to the homes of 21-year-olds Joshua Taylor and Brentley Washington. There they found between $3,000 and $3,500 worth of the stolen property

"I don't really like to comment on confessions, but we don't need their confessions with the evidence that we have," Mixon says.

But there are two factors that the alleged burglars probably noticed when scoping the churches. They are both country churches and practically in the middle of nowhere.

Investigators say they believe that one more person could be involved, and they are urging him or her to come forward.

"To the person that received that they may want to wait at the door, ‘cause we'll be there to see them pretty quick. So we do anticipate another arrest. If they'd like to bring that material in, we'll be glad to work with them," Mixon continues.

Members of Morgan Baptist Church say they’re just happy that the damage was minimal. They say because unlike the churches that have been set on fire, equipment is replaceable.

Morgan church deacons are meeting to discuss steps to ensure the security of the church.

Taylor has been released on a $1,000 bond and charged with third degree burglary, while Washington, who was out of jail on parole, had his bond set at $5,000, and is charged with third degree burglary and parole violation.

The two suspects attempted to burglarize a third church, also in Skipperville, but were unsuccessful.