Positive Pushing/School

It's no longer enough to just go to class; you have to be at the top of the class.

Experts say the pressure is crushing our students and it's starting at a younger age. For some students this stress means depression and even suicide.

Are you a pushy parent? Five questions to ask yourself:

First, how much emphasis do you place on results?

Second, what's the first thing you ask your kids when they get home from school?

Third, are you a hovering parent, guilty of the "we" syndrome? For example...."we got into Stanford"

Fourth, do you get more excited than your kids do when they succeed, and are you more frustrated when they fail?

And fifth, are you only focusing on how gifted your kids are?

Psychologist Dr. Jim Taylor says focus instead on how they spend their time, whether they work hard, persevere, and how they deal with their emotions.

That will help your kids be more likely to find success along the way.

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