Lowndes County High School Gym Mat Death

More video is released in the death of Kendrick Johnson.

A judge ruled yesterday for all surveillance video in the Lowndes County High School student's death to be released.

Johnson was found dead inside a rolled-up wrestling mat back in January.

The original autopsy found the teen died of accidental suffocation.

A second autopsy by a pathologist hired b y Johnson’s family determined he was killed by a blow to the neck.

Johnson's family hopes the surveillance footage will shed light on the incident.

"All the cameras in the security system are activated by motion when they see motion across their field of view. They don't take continuous video but a sequence of still shots. When you see an individual walking away from the camera the camera will stop recording once that individual is out of that focus range," said Al Rowell, Technologies Director for Lowndes County Schools.
The Lowndes County Coroner has declined to hold an inquest requested by Johnson’s parents.

They've also asked a judge to order one, but a decision hasn't been made yet.