March of Dimes Kickoff

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The March of Dimes is gearing up for their annual Walk-A-Thon.

In a fiesta themed lunch held Thursday afternoon, team captains for the walk rallied to get ready and raise money for premature babies.

Two Wiregrass babies, both born premature are ambassadors for the walk.

The Wiregrass March of Dimes Director Susan Tolleson says, "I'm holding in my hand a picture of a baby that was 14 ounces. Her father's hand's bigger that she was, and I look at it that baby's can't talk for themselves they can't say, I'm sick, so it's up to us to go our there and help raise that money."

The goal this year is $121,000. For the Walk-A-Thon’s date and time information call the Wiregrass March of Dimes at 792-0149.