Dothan City School Board Meeting

tuition hike

As far as the countywide sales tax increase, board members noted that city or county commissioners have the authority to raise sales taxes anytime and don't need a resolution from the school board or a vote of the people.

Board Member Marc Nelson said state leaders have learned that sales taxes are no way to fund education.

Local school boards must put up an amount equal to a $10 million tax before receiving any state funds.

Dothan only has $3.5 million in district property tax, meaning other local funds must be used to make up the difference.

Superintendent Leon Hobbs outlined the options but did not ask for a vote.

The board will discuss the tax issue in a workshop next Monday.

The board did approve two new principals. Todd Weeks will be the new principal at Grandview Elementary and Deloris Potter will be principal at Faine Elementary School.