Level Plains Update

All seems to be quiet on this Wednesday morning in Level Plains, especially considering all that's gone on in the city. Especially considering what happened in Tuesday night’s town council meeting.

Accusations of mayoral dictatorship, unjust layoffs, disorderly conduct, money mishandling and racism have racked the small town, even landing its name on the front cover of national newspapers.

But now, after a request from council members Tuesday night to remove some of Jackson’s powers, he said he'd remove himself from office if they did the same.

Citing his family life, had been negatively affected.

Mayor Jackson says, "I’m sorry if the town feels like i let them down. I felt the citizens of level plains should have gotten involved earlier, they did not and kept this mess up for 16 months and it was time for the town to head in a new direction.”

Level Plains resident Crystal Christian disagrees.

She’s lived in Level Plains nearly all her life and believes the mess Jackson speaks of, came when he took office.

"People can't follow if you're not taking the initiative to set the example and he wasn't doing that at all," Christian says.

And in a town that's gone back and forth on whose right and wrong, Jackson supporter Joanna Ashwyth say some council members didn't do what they were supposed to.

She says, "You don't take things away from jobs that people do especially the mayor, because the mayor is always in charge, unless he has done something wrong, and I don't believe the mayor has done anything.”

But now, signs reading, "resign mayor!" will come down, because soon there will be no town council or mayor.

Gov. Riley will decide who goes into office

"He's faced with a couple of decisions. Number one, he can appoint an entirely new council and a mayor and typically what happens he'd appoint enough members of the council to make the decision," Dale County District Attorney Kirke Adams says.

Now Mayor Jackson wants to move on, and hopes the town council will do the same

"I want the governor to make the right decision and I hope and pray he doesn't put anyone that resigned last night back in office," Jackson concludes.

Gov. Riley tells News 4 he'll look into the situation sometime Thursday.

The league of municipalities has never faced a situation such as this before.