Geneva Co. Roads

Money from Capitol Hill can now only be spent on the larger roadways.

It leaves people in rural Geneva County out-of-luck.

Louie Gibson and his family live along rural Geneva County Road 105, just not of the Florida state line, several miles of the roadway had been scheduled for re-paving this year, but that has been put on hold.

The new U.S. Transportation Bill prohibits federal bucks being spent on those small roadways which are not heavily used:

Geneva County engineer Roy Powell says his road priority list has to be redone. Now, a half-million federal dollars can not be spent on miles and miles of badly deteriorating roads: Several of the roads that had been scheduled for re-paving this year were built in the 1950's.

In Geneva County.

Fortunately, some of the lost federal money has been made up in a community development block grant.

Geneva County now has two years to spend a half-million dollars in road paving projects.