Riley Seeks Pay Raises

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Gov. Bob Riley is asking the state Personnel Board to increase the pay for four positions in his administration that play key roles with computers and purchasing. The board will consider the requests Wednesday.

Two of the positions, chief information officer and state purchasing director in the state Finance Department, have been vacant for a few years. Press secretary David Azbell said the pay hikes are needed to attract qualified candidates.

The current pay range for chief information officer, which is a high-ranking computer position, ranges from near $78,000 to almost $119,000. Riley proposes raising the pay scale between $90,000 to almost $138,000.

The state purchasing director's pay range is between $62,000 and $95,000. Riley proposes a raise of $72,000 to more than $110,000.

If the chief information officer's pay range is raised -- the salary would be in the same pay range as the Finance Department's two assistant directors, who are considered supervisors.

To change that, Riley wants to bump them up one step on the state pay scale. Azbell said their pay range would be between $97,500 to more than $148,000.