Robbery Suspects Mistakenly Turn Selves In

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Kevin (Buzz) went to the courthouse to sign pre-trial diversion forms for a marijuana charge.

His friends 23-year-old Harold Robinson, and Corey Brooks, and 18-year-old Ashley Houston went along.

A day before, the group had reportedly been spotted stealing tools, pecans, and a paint ball gun from a Columbia business, and putting them into Buzz's vehicle.

The tag number had been called into the sheriff's department, so when they went to the courthouse for a pre-trial diversion, all four ended up being arrested.

"That bolo was put out by the Houston County Sheriff's dispatchers, and when they came to the court, the court security officer recognized them and they notified the case investigators then recognized them and made the arrest," Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover says.

The four have been charged with third degree burglary and Buzz with an additional charge of marijuana possession.