Dothan Speeding May Soon Slow Down

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Dothan cops have been forced to put up two flashing signs, warning folks in the area about how many tickets have been given out.

One of these signs in Chapelwood because within the past 10 days, they've written 86 speeding tickets, most of them to those who live in the neighborhood.

This issue isn't new. In fact, it's an ongoing problem. Last summer we ran a story about the speeding problem through Chapelwood. Then cops set up a video camera and warning signs reminding folks of their speed. The speeding problem decreased for awhile, but now it's back again. However, police are hoping this new approach will let people know they mean business.

The highest clocked speed in the neighborhood was 59 miles per hour. That's in a neighborhood where the speed limit is just 20 miles per hour. At that point, it's not just a speeding ticket, but a reckless driving ticket.