Level Plains Update

Level Plains Councilman Joe Bruer

The mayor of Level Plains and one of his fellow town council members are in trouble after being found guilty of misdemeanor offenses, related to an incident last year.

News 4's cameras were not allowed in the Level Plains Town Center as Mayor Tim Jackson and Councilman Joe Bruer learned that they will both have to pay 50-dollar fines and court costs for misdemeanor offenses.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred in October of 2005.

That's when former Level Plains Police Officer R. C. Covington pulled a car over for a blown tag light and then found 20-year-old Tracy Holemo intoxicated inside.

Holemo was in the car with Mr. Bruers son

Mr. Bruer eventually arrived at the scene, and then followed Officer Covington to the police station where he allegedly became very angry and disorderly.

R.C. Covington, former Level Plains police officer said "they resisted arrest and there was disorderly conduct. And the law is for everybody not just the average citizen of the town of Level Plains or anywhere else. The law is the law."

Mr. Covington says that at one point, Councilman Bruer took a swing at him and pushed him away, while he tried to arrest him.

Councilman Bruer was found guilty of resisting arrest and of disorderly conduct.

Mayor Jackson was found guilty of resisting arrest.

Covington says "I done my job and I put it before the court, and the court made its decision."

But despite the guilty verdict, some residents of Level Plains are still up in arms.

Many of them have had a bone to pick with Mayor Jackson and Mr. Bruer over the council's recent inability or refusal to conduct the town's business...

And now they say they're embarrassed at what has happened.

Imma Grahan, Level Plains resident says “In my opinion, it's very sickening and it's a disgrace for the citizens and to our town."

Cindy Groves, also a Level Plains resident says "I don't believe that the mayor, or a councilman should intervene with a police officers duties."

News 4 asked Mayor Jackson to speak with us about the proceedings, but he refused to speak to us.

Officer Covington resigned from the Level Plains Police Department, shortly after the incident.