Separate Tornadoes Damage Northwest Florida

Tyndall Air Force Base was damaged in several areas on Sunday, after an early morning tornado struck the base. However, according to officials, the base is still operating a full capacity.

There have been no reports of injuries, but 35 vehicles and 10 buildings received moderate to heavy damage. The Southeast Air Defense Sector Air Operations Center and the Continental U.S. Norad Region Headquarters received the most damage.

On Sunday, work crews assessed the damage and began cleaning up.

Three neighborhoods in Washington County were also hit by another tornado. Most of the damage happened in the Vernon-New Hope area. Several homes, as well as trees, utility lines and signs were damaged.

Most of the impact happened in the Vernon-New Hope area along Holmes Valley Road in New Hope, Pioneer Road in Vernon and Worley Road, just outside of Chipley. No injuries have been reported.