Landlord Electronic Spying

William McDevitt

Panama City Police have released video tapes as they investigate the case of a landlord accused of electronically spying on tenants.

William McDevitt is currently charged with just two counts of video voyeurism.

He is free on bond, but investigators believe he could face more charges if some of his alleged victims come forward.

The trouble is most of these people never knew they were ever caught on tape.

The case came to light after some of the occupants of McDevitt's townhouses noticed a cable running to storage sheds behind the complex.

Police found video recorders inside and a search of the homes turned up hidden cameras everywhere, in bathrooms, bedrooms, even bathtubs.

Investigators confiscated dozens of tapes from McDevitt's home.

Now they're trying to identify more than a dozen women, all former tenants who might want to file charges.

Anyone with information about the case should call the Parker Police Department at 850- 871-4100. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is assisting in the case.