Geneva Toddlers Investigation

Kids Kampus Daycare

A state investigation is underway into a Geneva daycare facility.

Three toddlers were found wandering along a busy highway Tuesday morning after reportedly walking out of Kids’ Kampus Daycare.

On Tuesday morning, Eddie Marks was about to drive his daughter to school -- that's when he saw three very young children walking along Goat Hill Road in Geneva.

One on coming vehicle swerved to avoid hitting the three-year-old boys.

Marks says “I said ‘stop kids’ they went off the road down a hill. One little guy had mud up to his knees and lucky not to get hurt.”

The children reportedly left Kids’ Kampus Daycare and walked more than two-hundred yards through a swampy, snake-infested forest.

Stefanie Harrison’s three-year-old son, Levi, was one of the boys. She says “this is a concern for me and my husband. You don't know where your kids is stressful, you leave them with people who are suppose to watch them while you are working.”

A Kids’ Kampus employee would not answer any questions and ordered News 4 to leave the daycare facility. Geneva Police Chief Frankie Lindsey was "shocked" and "upset" after the children had wandered off without apparent notice by the staff.

An official with the DHR office in Montgomery confirmed that they are looking into why the children wandered from the daycare.

If the business is found negligent, the state may order a course of corrective action or DHR could "suspend" the daycare's operating license.

In Alabama, the Department of Human Resources is often called in by local authorities when there's concern for the health and welfare of children.