Proposed Plant Causes Mixed Reviews

Proposed Coal Fired Power Plant
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"We already have GA Pacific here, we already have GA tubing here, I don't understand how, out of all the counties in GA they have to pick us to bring this coal plant---even the electricity is not going to benefit us"

Torre Mills, the District 1 Commissioner for Early county Says.
He believes a majority of the 7,000 Blakely residents are not in favor of a coal-fired plant, regardless of how safe it is, especially if electricity is sold to out of state wholesalers

Project Manager Mark Vogt says this is partly true.
"It all depends on where the wholesale customers are, we're targeted at Georgia, not saying we're not going to AL or Florida" Vogt says.

The plant would supply hundreds maybe thousands of jobs. And although developers are confident they'll get the green light, they still have to get Georgia EPD approval and meet the agency's criteria for air emissions, solid waste handling, surface water withdrawal, and wastewater treatment.

Hundreds gathered to hear how close the Georgia EPD is to granting permits

If approved the permits could go into effect 30 days after they are issued and construction on the plant could begin this summer, and would take about 4 to 5 years.