Florida Meth Lab

Drug agents broke-up a large scale meth lab along the Holmes-Geneva County line.

A routine traffic stop reportedly leads to information on the clandestine drug lab.

Holmes County Sheriff's Department investigators raided a mobile home located within a half mile of the Geneva County line just South of the town of Black. It's the first such lab in two months.

Sheriff Dennis Lee believes new state stipulations making it more difficult for the drug cooks to get their hands on the necessary chemicals are definitely working.

Four suspects are arrested and charged with manufacturing crystal-meth. One of them is Rodney Allen Bottoms of Hartford.

It’s believed the drugs were being used by users on both sides of the state line.

The suspects have all been booked into the Holmes County Jail in Bonifay.

Authorities say they are now finding more meth coming from the so-called "super labs" in Mexico.