New Bridge, New Brannon Stand Road

Brannon Stand Road
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Eight to 10,000 cars a day.

It may be hard to believe but that's how many motorists use Brannon Stand Road and a bridge near Highlands Elementary School as a regular route.

The road runs from Midland City to Florida.

Now, the Houston County Commission is hoping to get state and federal funds to give the bridge and road a much needed facelift.

"It's functionally obsolete," says Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver of the bridge. "It's too narrow, we have long range plans to five lane that road and of course before you can five lane the road you have to do something with the bridge."

Justin Barfield is the county's assistant engineer and says there are big plans.

"We're replacing the bridge, actually making it wider and actually its going to be raised about 6 feet."

Though the construction will probably slow traffic down a bit, area business owners look forward to the new change. Rhonda Whaley owns the two-year-old Bar-B-Q Shaq and says the construction can't begin soon enough.

"I think the construction, depending on how its done, if they completely block off the highway, the road yes it will slow business down, but you have those that come for lunch anyways, and we're pretty established,” Whaley says.

But before they think about raising the bridge, the county is facing a small challenge

"This is a little bit tougher design bridge as far as aspects of how its going to be raised six feet," Barfield Continues.

But don't look forward to taking any detours any time soon. Plans are still in the works.

Normally bridge projects cost the county about $300,000 to $500,000.

Houston County is seeking state and federal funds up to $2 million.