Dothan Liquor License Application

A local bar owner's liquor license has been turned down by the Dothan City Commission and he wants to know why.

The application has been tabled before and in Tuesday’s City Commission Meeting Brad Nelson hoped it would be approved so he could open his new bar Club Imagination.

But, that's not going to happen, not for now.

Nelson says “The building that we've acquired has a bad history and I think they turned us down because of that”.

According to sources, it's a history that includes repeated calls to the police because of customers’ bad behavior and complaints from neighboring businesses.

But business owners in the area we spoke with say they don't have a problem with Club Imagination, but what they do have a problem with was the “old” club's crowd.

Lashae Lane, owner of Sheneeda Do Hair Salon, says it’s true she's had problems with the previous building tenants, but that was then. Lane says she doesn’t feel they should be judged because of what was done in the past.

The words that read "opening soon" on the Ross Clark Circle marquee might have to stay up a little longer, until the city commission sorts out some questions.

But, Nelson says he's not waiting for the commission, because he's going to first circuit court.

Nelson also owns another bar in town and says he hasn't had any problems in the past with it.

Still, Mayor Thomas can't give a reason why the city commission turned down the application.

Within city limits, liquor licenses are harder to get and business owners can't go through Houston County to get one.