Crossover Voting

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The Alabama Republican Party used to welcome Democratic crossover voters. But the Republican ballot box may be closed to those Democratic voters in June.

The Republican Party's steering committee has recommended the party ban people from voting in the Republican primary runoff on June 27th if they voted in the Democratic primary on June Sixth.

The 350-member State Republican Executive Committee is scheduled to vote on the rule change January 14th in Mobile.

State Republican Chairwoman Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh says it's time for a change now that Republicans hold 26 offices elected statewide and Democrats hold five.

Crossover voting is not an issue in most states because they require voters to register by political party. Alabama doesn't.

The Alabama Democratic Party has banned crossover voting in the
Democratic runoff for many years.

The Republican Party, however, used to encourage it as a party-building tool in what was largely a one-party state.

University of Alabama political scientist William Stewart says the proposed rule change is another sign of the maturity of the Alabama political system. He calls it "a positive change."