Naming Hippo

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Name that hippo.

The holiday-born hippo at the Zoo of Northwest Florida still doesn't have a name, but they have determined that it's a male.

Born to mom, Cleo, and dad, Kiboko, the baby hippopotamus appears healthy and active at about two weeks old and weighs at least 50 pounds.

Zookeeper Rob Free found the newborn hippopotamus early on Christmas Day. Since then, the zoo has been getting tons of phone calls from people who want to name it. Zoo policy states that Free has the privilege to name the hippo, but he says he needs a little help.

The zoo will kick off a name-that-hippo contest next week, asking the public for suggestions until January 31st. Free will then choose the winning name.

Visitors can see the hippo exhibit only from a train that travels through the zoos 30-acre preserve.