Lotto Retired

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The three-state Lotto South game is being retired -- to be replaced by a new game called "Win For Life."

Lotto South began in September 2001 in Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia, paid a 27 (m) million dollar jackpot to a ticket purchaser in Rome on Saturday.

Virginia Lottery interim executive director Donna VanCleave said today that the new game will pays winners a thousand dollars a week for the rest of their lives. VanCleave says interest in Lotto South has waned in recent years.

She says lottery players have been enticed by the huge jackpots offered by the 12-state Mega Millions drawing and the slick marketing of instant scratch-off tickets.

Win For Life is similar to Lotto, which requires players to choose six numbers from a pool of 44. Players will try to match six numbers correctly, from one to 42. Anyone who picks all six will win a thousand dollars a week for life, with at least 10 years of payments guaranteed to winners or their heirs. Winners also may choose a lump sum of 520-thousand dollars before taxes.

But unlike Lotto, a seventh "free ball" will be drawn from the remaining numbers after the first six are drawn to help determine the amount of lower-level prizes. Those prizes will range from two dollars to 52-thousand dollars.