Slocomb Hate Crime

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has been called in to investigate a possible hate crime in Geneva County.

It involves a reported case where several white men attacked a black teenager.

The reported incident occurred on New Year’s Eve at a farm house South of Slocomb.

A New Year’s Eve party took place at a residence on Reeder Road. At some point during the party, a law enforcement officer tells us 17-year-old Mario Harris was attacked by ten-to-fifteen adult white men as he tried to leave.

A motive for the alleged attack has not been given.

Harris is a junior at Slocomb High School. The teenager's uncle, Curtis Miles, is upset and says Mario has known the men all his life.

Harris has brought the reported incident to the attention of the FBI to see if it could be classified as a "hate" crime.

Harris suffered facial bruises, but is reportedly in good physical shape.