Geneva Family Homeless

The violent weather Sunday night and yesterday is blamed for a fire that destroyed a home in the Bellwood Community of Geneva County.

One year old Lexie Yeomans was saved from her crib as flames destroyed her bedroom.

The baby's grandmother, Tracy Yeomans, says the smoke detector went off around 2 o'clock yesterday morning. The home was filled with smoke immediately.

A few hours earlier a lightening bolt went through the roof.

It may have ignited a fire inside the attic which eventually spread through the three bedroom home.

The house was engulfed in flames when Bellwood and Coffee Springs Volunteer Fire units arrived.

The Yeomans' family was left with just the clothes on their backs. If you can help them, an account has been set-up at Citizens’ Bank of Geneva under Tracy Yeomans.

Yeoman's Fire Fund, Citizens’ Bank of Geneva, Account #1150936