Mariana Quadruple Murder

Area police are looking for a person of interest in a nine month old murder case.

On March 17th, a woman and her three young children were murdered inside their Marianna apartment.

As drivers enter Marianna off the Penn Avenue Exit of I-10, they see a billboard with the victims’ pictures. And authorities are still looking for information leading to the arrest of a killer.

Danielle Baker and her three young children ranging from three weeks to four years old were found dead inside their Marianna apartment. Police say duct tape contributed to the deaths of the children and Miss Baker was shot.

Without mentioning his name, Marianna Police say the father of two of the slain kids is not cooperating.

Kristen Lovett lives a few doors down where the killings took place. As a mother of young children, she's very cautious of opening the front door.

Stefanie Dargan was good friends with Danielle Baker, she hopes someone will come forward with the needed information to make an arrest.

If you can help police with the quadruple slayings, contact Jackson County Crime Stoppers at 850-526-5000.