Opp Traffic Enforcement

One Wiregrass law enforcement agency is putting an extra officer on the road this Saturday night to watch for speeders.

Opp Assistant Police Chief Mike McDonald says excessive speeding has gotten out of hand in recent weeks.

Opp is the crossroads of several major state roadways including Highway 52, 84, 134 and Highway 331.

Assistant Chief McDonald says the department is using its annual Southeast Medical Center Safety Grant to cover overtime pay for a patrol officer to work traffic.

There is a “no tolerance” rule when it comes to anyone exceeding the speed limit.

He says, “Its unfortunate that we have to issue citations, but we have to get a handle on the speeding in town to hopefully save lives and property damage and to get people to slow people down>.”

Besides speeders, Opp Police will be keeping an eye on those motorists not wearing seatbelts.

Police also say they expect several DUI's with the large number of New Year’s Eve parties taking place this weekend.