Safety First When Burning Yard Debri

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It was June 13th when a small yard debri fire turned into a problem in Walton County.

Officials worked quickly before it could spread, and say burning grass clippings, brush or anything considered 'yard debri' is legal in the state of Florida.

But there are ways to prevent it from getting out of control.

Brian Goddin with the Florida Forest Service said, “Be at least 25 feet from their home, 25 feet from the woods or the forest, at least 50 feet from paved public roads and at least 150 feet from the next nearest occupied home.”

Homeowners Bryan and Kathryn Walstrom follow those golden rules before they clean up their yard.

Bryan Walstrom said, “We usually have a shovel nearby and a hose nearby just in case. We usually try to keep it pretty small.

Small and on the right kind of ground, like mineral soil.

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