Help Could Be on The Way For Two Bonifay Schools

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The buildings hold their own.

But teachers at Bonifay Middle and Elementary Schools aren’t sure how much longer they can stand.

At Bonifay Elementary, the roof leaks, the sidewalk floods and they're running out of room.

Deputy Superintendent Jim Goodman said, “We're real tight, especially in our elementary school. We've got about 800 kids out there right now.”

But with two new buildings, they could fit a lot more.

Deputy Superintendent Goodman said, “Right now we're in the early stages of making applications for a K-8 facility for our elementary and middle school. It’ll be state of the art technology.”

The new facility will also be a shelter in case of a hurricane, tropical storm or any natural disaster.

The school board is still looking for a place to build the schools.

The estimated cost is 25 million dollars.

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