New Business Incubator For Dothan

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Starting a business can be stressful for any entrepreneur, especially if they don't have a lot of money or means to do so.

This is why the Mixon Business Center Incubator Program has been set up, to kind of ease the pains that come with starting up a business.

It began as a vision with Alfred Saliba Services grant writer, Mary Hill. Saliba Services owns the property.

Hill says, "They'll get a receptionist service, a phone service, voice mail, internet conference room, a copier, all the services they need to run a business, for less than a thousand dollar start-up cost---the average cost will be $ 325 to $550 dollars a month"

That's compared to the $20,000 to $80,000 start-up cost that would come out of the pocket to start businesses with no help

And though Dothan has the highest entrepreneurship rate in the state of Alabama, half of businesses nationwide still fail.

Linda O' Connell is on the board for the Mixson Center, she says, "One of the things this program will do is to mitigate some of those risk factors because they won't have that much capital outlay that they'd initially have"

The Chamber of Commerce donated $10,000 towards the Mixson Center. Representative Steve Turkoski says there has to be some type of plan.

He says, "We do require however, that you come with a business plan, and we will help them with the plan...its going to do very well"

The plan for the Mixon Business Center is to bring more business downtown. Once a business owner completes the one year program, they can rent space in the West Main Street Plaza, owned by Alfred Saliba Services

There are currently 12 spaces available, also provided in the package are a monthly mentor workshop and a business license.