Transit Strike

New Yorkers Walking Could Be Over
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New York transit workers have agreed to take steps to get the city's buses and subways running again.

A state mediator says the union agreed to move toward restoring service while the union and the transit authority resume talks.

But no timetable is being given for actually restoring service.

Meanwhile, a court hearing this morning that could have resulted in union leaders being sent to jail for contempt has now been postponed until late this afternoon.

This is the third day of a strike that has left New Yorkers walking, car-pooling and piling into cabs as they try to find alternate ways to get around the city.

Yesterday, the union president said talks could resume if the transit agency took its current pension proposal off the table.

New York Governor George Pataki calls today's developments "very positive for all New Yorkers." He says the strike has created enormous inconvenience and hardship.