Target Is Coming With New City Pavilion

Dothan Pavilion Blue Print
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It started out as a bit of a controversy, because the pavilion bordered residential areas, but the neighbors that showed up at Wednesday’s meeting didn't have complaints; in fact, no one seems to be complaining.

It’s a welcomed Christmas present for the city of Dothan. The city's planning commission approved the plans for the Dothan pavilion.

A present that's going to come complete with all the trimmings.

Scott Holcombe works with Thomas Enterprises, the developer for the project, he says they have, "Consumer electronics, books, we'll have an office supply store, two department stores, a number of dress shops, possibly a furniture retailers, obviously Target is on the site plan.”

Engineer Bill Sanford of Sanford Bell and Associates agrees, he says, "The property primarily dictates the design it's an unusual piece of property, locations wonderful has a lot of topographic relief.”

And with the exception a 117,000 square-foot facility, getting removed from the development plans, construction seems to be on the right footing.

As we told you earlier, a University of Alabama study predicted that $200 million comes from residents out of surrounding counties who shop in Dothan.

But there was a concern from Leon Woodall, who lives by the Dothan pavilion property.

He says, "My position on the pavilion is I'm for it, as long as we are protected from property devalue."

So Thomas Enterprises is making a compromise, Holcombe says, "One of the things we've done is offer, uh heavy landscape buffer behind the center with heavy plantings, leland grass.”

Now, with $176 million in predicted sales after five years, retailers, local or otherwise can saddle up and join the ride.

Construction on the pavilion will begin within ninety days and should be completed by the spring of 2007. The final decision for the approval lies with the city's commission. Because of a rezoning issue, they won't vote on it until February of next year.