I-10 Western Route

Western Route

After studying several routes since 1998, the Alabama Department of Transportation selects the Western route for the proposed I-10 connector.

It is not the preferred route for Dothan and Houston County officials, but they're relieved that a route has finally been chosen.

The preferred option is the far most Western route coming up US Highway 231 cutting through the Northeast corner of Geneva County and skirting Dale County to reconnect with US Highway 231 near Midland City.

Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver and other officials wanted it to come closer to Dothan so more traffic would visit the city. Now traffic will bypass Dothan on a limited access highway.

Matt Parker with the Dothan Chamber of Commerce also says the proposed route gives us the capacity to grow and build infrastructures that way.

And Governor Bob Riley says it's not final just yet, there's a public hearing in January and the final decision will be made after the hearing.