Dothan Development

Dothan Pavilion Blue Print

The plans for the new Target shopping center were presented before Dothan city officials yesterday and the plans will be voted on Wednesday.

Here it is. The final development plans submitted by Birmingham developers, Thomas Enterprises.

If you look closely at the blue print, you can even see the name of one of the stores that may give neighboring Wal-Mart a run for its money - Target.

If the Dothan Pavilion goes forth, the Target will certainly be the anchor.

The property located on Highway 231 North is 70 acres. This is the second time Thomas Enterprises has had to submit a new development plan to the city's planning commission.

There have been some changes relatively minor, others a little bit more than minor. They are proposing some alterations to some of the retention pond areas along with a need for a minor zoning change.

And with the city's unemployment rate at 2.8 percent and Dothan’s retails sales one of the highest in the state, officials say it’s a no brainer for big corporations to eye developing in Dothan.

You're looking at an area that already has a significant number of traffic in it, but potential for the retailers locating in this project is going to be astronomical.

The planning commission will now vote on the approved layout this Wednesday. If the layout is approved, we could be shopping in a new Target in Spring of 2007.