Dothan Murder Arrest

A suspect in connection with last week's Dothan murder has been found, but authorities say the case is not yet closed.

It was an unsolved case, four days in the making. 51-year-old Travis Stringer stumbled onto the porch of his mother's house on Lake Street after being shot Thursday night.

And after numerous news reports, authorities were tipped off by an anonymous call, leading to the arrest of 31-year-old Zephaniah Moore.

Chief John Powell says Moore was arrested and charged with capital murder.

Immediately after his arrest, he was taken to Houston County Jail where he's staying under no bond.

Meanwhile, investigators are still working around the clock, searching for a motive and trying to clear up any rumors about the events surrounding the incident.

Chief Powell said "We do know that there was some type of disturbance that occurred, but the details of that disturbance are still under investigation. There will be a clearer picture. Certainly there are some details that won't be released immediately."

Authorities are also trying to figure out if Stringer's murder was pre-meditated.

It is possible for Moore’s case to go before the next session of the grand jury. In the meantime, Moore will go under judicial review and a judge will make a decision on whether or not to set bond for him.