Drunk Busters At Headland High School

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Graduation season is right around the corner and with that comes parties and alcohol. Last year alcohol related crashes killed 278 people on Alabama roadways.

Students try and fail at simple tasks while wearing beer goggles.
The drunk busters program makes it fun, but learning about DUI risks is no laughing matter.

Mark Jones, Headland Police Chief said, “Some people say I can drink and it don’t bother me. But actually giving them the hands on, and giving the brain the thought that something it altered shows them the harmful affects of getting behind a motor vehicle.”

Christy Daniels, a senior, said, "It wasn’t anything I expected. I felt like maybe I could see a little bit but it was double. Everything was double.”

Chief Jones said, “It’s very serious, if they put this today and see the affects it would have on getting behind a motor vehicle, how easy their life could change by making a bad choice.”

A choice, Headland police say, nearly 200 people made last year.

While beer goggles make things blurry, some seniors are unsure if the program’s message comes across clear.

Hunter Bright, a senior, said, “Some kids they just don’t care. They are going to get behind the wheel either way.”

But, if drunk busters makes just one student think twice before drinking and driving, it’s mission accomplished for Chief Jones.

“If you affect one life it makes a difference, because it is sort of a domino effect, you make a difference in one, it is going to make a difference in someone else," Chief Jones said.

The Headland Police department bought four pairs of the drunk busters goggle to add to their arsenal. They weren’t cheap, each pair cost the department $600.

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