Coffee County Explosion

Last week a crystal-methamphetamine explosion destroyed a mobile home and some cars in the Mount Pleasant Community of Coffee County.

Coffee County Sheriff Ben Moates said the suspect tried to destroy evidence, but instead it's created a new set of legal problems for him.

Moates said it's miraculous that no one was injured or even killed.

The sheriff said two of his investigators were following up drug related leads when they knocked on the door of the mobile home.

The occupant, Robert Strickland, reportedly had a video surveillance system hooked up and as he was leaving with investigators, Strickland reportedly threw a match back inside. Two other occupants of the mobile home ran out to safety, and the entire structure blew up.

Strickland is being held without bail on first-degree arson charges. He may possibly face additional charges. The two other occupants inside the trailer have not been charged at this time.

A drug-enforcement agency team out of Pensacola assisted in the clean up.