I-10 Connector

Dothan city officials are ready to approve a compromise that could jump-start Dothan's I-10 Connector project.

The new plan appears to have the support of most of the major players in what has become a long-running dispute over where the connector should go.

Everyone agrees that an interstate connector for Dothan would be an economic boon that should help attract new industry. But not everyone could agree where the connector should go. A lot of people, including a majority of the Dothan city commissioners, were supporting a downtown route.

Routes by-passing Dothan on the west and east sides were also in the running. The compromise does not finalize any one particular route, but it does endorse the connector running from Highway 231 near the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds up Dothan's West side to near Troy State University's Dothan campus. An eastbound spur would also skirt the Dothan Regional Airport, cross Highway 431 and end at the Ross Clark Circle near Old Webb Road.

Rubin said he worked with the Department of Transportation and Dothan business leaders to end a dispute that threatened to bog down the entire project.

Jerry Richards has been one of the most outspoken supporters of the downtown route, but it was deemed too expensive and time consuming. Now he's speaking out in favor of the compromise because it passes through the Dothan city limits

Dothan city commissioners are expected to vote on a resolution supporting the compromise plan at the next regular meeting.

That same resolution will also withdraw an earlier request for the state Department of Transportation to devote serious attention to running the interstate connector through downtown Dothan.