Level Plains Mayor

Level Plains Mayor Tim Jackson
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Maxie Averett has lived in Level Plains, Alabama all her life and as she sat in Tuesday night’s council meeting, she says she has never seen anything like it.
Averett says, "We always had a peaceful community, it’s always been peaceful……we've had mayors and councilman that would disagree, but by the end of the meeting, they'd iron things out".

It all began when Jackson and Bruer, were accused of trying to interrupt a police matter. Now the embattled mayor and councilman have both been charged with "obstruction of a governmental operation" and resisting arrest. Bruer also had an additional charge of disorderly conduct.

"My motion is to do everything possible to get this case to district court if you cannot get it to district courts....but you've talked to 2 other attorneys? Am I correct? And they gave you the go ahead" Councilman Willie Reynolds said in the towns monthly meeting.

The case was supposed to go to court in late November, but the town council hadn't voted on a judge or prosecutor for the case.

Some residents have wanted Jackson out of office for some time, saying that he runs the city like a dictator.

Now, it’s up to the district court to decide whether they'll even touch the case or not. If they won't, the case will be transferred to specially appointed city Judge Joe Gallow and prosecutor David Robertson

Its alleged Jackson tried to abuse his power, after police say Bruer’s son was in a car that involved underage drinking.

When the officer called the councilman to pick up his son, the mayor also arrived leading into an altercation between him, Bruer, and the arresting officer.

That officer, R.C. Covington has since resigned.