New Orleans Mardi Gras Protest

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Evacuees from New Orleans plan a protest today in Atlanta to the city's plan to hold Mardi Gras celebrations in two months.

An angry and raucous crowd of evacuees chastised New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin last week for approving the festival. He told the crowd he actually opposed celebrating the festival but tourism leaders forced his hand.

In Atlanta, a group plans a protest at 2 p-m today on West Peachtree Street ahead of tonight's Saints-Falcons game.

Protesters fear seeing revelers in the French Quarter at Mardi Gras will make agencies trying to help evacuees withdraw their help.

The mayor's comments that he was pressured to approve Mardi Gras
plans stunned Carnival supporters in the Big Easy, who say they had
been assured the mayor was OK with the event.

Ed Muniz is the captain of one of the city's most glamorous parades. He compares Nagin to senator John Kerry because Nagin first said he was for something and then against it.

A number of evacuees stuck in hotel rooms and unfamiliar surroundings across the U-S oppose the celebration. They say they are in no mood to party.

And they fear seeing revelers in the French Quarter will cause some agencies trying to help evacuees to withdraw their help.