Alabama Highways-Mobile Homes

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A bid by the mobile home industry to haul wider loads on Alabama roadways will be rejected as unsafe, a state Department of Transportation official says.

Mobile home manufacturers are seeking permission to haul 20-foot-wide structures on 12-foot travel lanes. The current legal maximum width is 16 feet.

The request comes as more Federal Emergency Management Agency
trailers are being moved through the state to hurricane-damaged areas of the Gulf Coast.

Manufacturers have asked the Alabama D-O-T, which issues oversized permits for highway travel, to allow the 20-foot-wide loads.

Citing road safety concerns, D-O-T's assistant director of maintenance, Randy Braden said the department is --quote-- "not going to allow that."

The Mobile Home Association of America has asked the Southeastern Association of State Highway Transportation Officials to allow companies to haul two pieces of modular housing up to 50 feet long on a single trailer on state highways.

The pieces would make some loads as long as 105 feet.

Braden says Alabama has the authority to prohibit the loads on federal and state highways within state boundaries, and will not approve the bigger loads.