Katrina Dog Safely Returned Home

Gigi, Debbie and Joe Loustalot’s Pet
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A Louisiana family who moved to the wiregrass after Hurricane Katrina is all back under one roof.

The family left their dog at their home in St. Bernard Parish because there was no room in the car. They were planning to go back home within a few days, but Katrina changed those plans. Now, after three months and a cross country trip, the family is back together again.

Gigi has had one adventure after another after escaping from the house's window in Saint Bernard Parish. She was rescued by the Humane Society in Spokane, Washington, and was cared for by a woman.

Gigi also had to have hip surgery, but now she's back home with her original owners, Joe and Debbie Loustalot.

"We had to leave her because our car was full. We have my mom and dad, my son and his friend, and me and Joe, we had six people in the car, we figured we'd only be gone for a short period of time," Debbie says.

But it didn't come easy. The family originally found Gigi on a lost pet Web site, but the serial number to identify her changed, and they had to find her again, only to have her flight delayed not once, not twice, but five times. Now, both Gigi and the family are celebrating an early Christmas.

"She won't be left again, there ain’t no way," Debbie and Joe say.

The Loustalots were days away from loosing Gigi forever. The deadline the Humane Society is giving owners to claim their pets is Saturday. The Loustalots say they plan on calling the Wiregrass home for only short time.

They will be returning to Saint Bernard’s Parish to start rebuilding their house.