Katrina Pet Reunion Put on Hold

Gigi, Debbie and Joe Loustalot’s Pet
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We told you about a family of Katrina victims that were to be reunited with their dog.

But Thursday night, inclement weather has prevented that. Debbie and Joe Loustalot, escaped Katrina’s wrath in late August, and had to leave almost everything behind, including their pet.

But the family arrived at the airport only to hear bad news.

After the flight was delayed three times, both Debbie and Joe Loustalot waited at the cargo exit, where their pooch was supposed to be delivered to them, but it didn't happen. Cloudy weather sent the plane to Tallahassee, where Gigi the Chow-Labrador mix, will unload and possibly be loaded up again.

Debbie says, "The only thing I can say is we have to wait 'til they tell us what's going to happen they gonna try to land in Tallahassee, probably bus everybody back here or either, I guess they'll either fly everybody back.”

"Hopefully, they can put our dog on a bus," Joe says.

But the Loustalots still have faith and high hopes, that everything will be okay. How, might you ask??? Debbie says it simple.

"From each other, yeah," Debbie says.

Joe chimes in, "We draw our strength from each other."

Debbie continued, "That's right, he's my rock, I'm his that's how we've always been."

And for their son Mark who waited with them, and Joe’s sister Kathy Evans who actually found the dog, on a Lost Hurricane Pet Website feels the same way

"Life experiences, I guess that's about it, why cry about it, when you can laugh about it, it makes life easier," Kathy optimistically says.

Gigi has been through a lot, she has been from the east to the west coast, through surgeries, and was supposed to arrive here from Oregon earlier this week, but a small snow storm prevented that.

Still, the family says they are willing to wait for anything to Gigi back.