Olympian Needs Help for Son's Surgery

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After becoming the first African American to win a gold medal in the 2002 bobsled competition in Salt Lake City, Utah, Vonetta and Johnny Flowers had twin boys, Jaden and Jorden. Both of them were born 2 months premature, but now Jorden faces another hurdle.

Two of Jorden's auditory nerves in his brain were underdeveloped, meaning he only had an earlobe. Recently, doctors took a portion of Jorden's rib to make ear cartilage, and performed a skin graft to give him a full ear. The only problem is the ear isn't fully functional. Jorden still can't hear.

The price tag to perform the surgery, so he can is $65,000. Johnny and Vonetta may have to take it out of their pocket in addition to the special classes they've taken to learn sign language. A special account has been opened with Headland National Bank.

The surgery is scheduled for December 21 in Italy by the only doctor in the world willing to perform the surgery on a child. If you would like to donate money for Jorden’s procedure through Headland National Bank, send donations to the Jorden Flowers Fund, P.O. Box 157, Headland, Alabama, 36345.