Parkison's Symposium Lends Helping Hand

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There are more than one million people affected by Parkinson’s Disease nationwide.

A Wiregrass support group is aiming to find a cure.

More than 100 Parkinson’s patients and their families signed up for a symposium held Friday.

They were able to learn about and discuss the new medical treatments that are currently available for the disease.

So far, the American Parkinson’s Disease Association has contributed $2.8 million to help fund the research.

"One of our members just had a deep brain stimulator, which is one of the newer surgeries that's actual brain surgery. A probe goes into the brain and then they feed it into--it's like a pacemaker/generator and you control the trimmers and rigidity," Support Group President Ann Wessel says.

The one of a kind support group meets the third Monday of each month, at 6 p.m. in the basement conference room of the medical center.