New Airguard Location, New Recruits

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However, the Air National Guard here in Dothan is hoping to get there numbers up, by changing locations.

The 280th combat communications squadron of the air National Guard is joining ranks with other military recruiting offices, in their new building.

The building on west Main Street in Dothan has been nicknamed, "the pentagon" because of the marine, army, navy, and other military recruitment offices there.

280th's Recruiting Officer MSSGT Judy Bush says, "This is the first time the Alabama Air National Guard, had a store front recruiting office, historically always worked out of squadron or our wings, and because of the relocation from behind the airport, it was l little bit out of the way.”

The Alabama Air National Guard was short of its goal last fiscal year, only recruiting 186 of its 300-troops target. In Dothan, there's an average of 10 recruits per month.

"Dothan's good, Dothan's a good recruiting base, we have a lot of patriotic people that live in Dothan and the surrounding areas," MSSGT Bush says.

The Alabama Guard Recruited 1,603 of its target 2,237 soldiers.