Inmates Children get a Merry Christmas

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Nationwide, more than two million children have a parent who’s in jail.

With Christmas quickly approaching, many of these children won't spend the holiday with their parents.

A local group is delivering Christmas presents to Wiregrass area kids whose parents are in prison.

His prison ministries have already received nearly 140 requests from inmate parents wanting their children to have a merry Christmas.

With a gift of $25 to the organization, children will receive a minimum of two gifts, a toy and an article of clothing that will be delivered to them up to two weeks prior to Christmas.

"We go to the homes, there may not be a tree, or they may be a tree with no presents. When you come in there with those presents you can’t even want to wait for Christmas! You want to say, 'Go ahead and open them! Go ahead and open them!', because you're so excited about seeing the smiles on their faces" His Ministry Director Linda Wimes says

If you would like to be a sponsor or for more information call (334) 793-6455, or (334) 798-2818.