Apalachicola Bay Reopens

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The state of Florida opened parts of Apalachicola Oyster Bay on Thanksgiving, giving many oyster suppliers something to be thankful for.

Since the beginning of September, hurricane ravaged areas produced and spread Red Tide.

This forced officials to temporarily shut down harvesting for the bay that contained any type of shellfish.

Many local restaurants had to look elsewhere for oysters, though Apalachicola oysters are preferred by customers in our area.

But now, the westside of Apalachicola bay has been opened.

Debbie Floyd owns Barrentine's Oyster Bar, she says, "That means it's a lot shorter distance to go get the oysters, a lot of people will not eat anything but Apalachicola Bay oyster. They've been calling, saying do you have Apalachicola Bay Oysters, do you have Apalachicola Bay Oyster's? I say, 'yes' and they say well I'm on my way."

Since that portion of the bay has re-opened, the prices for oysters has gone down nearly $10.