Celebrating An Entire Century on Earth

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What could be better than sitting around a nice table, joined by everyone you love and getting ready to eat a nice plump turkey? How about turning 100 year's old!

Floy Halter has joined her family in celebrating thanksgiving for many years. But this year is different. She's not only celebrating turkey day, she's also celebrating a very big birthday.

That is right an entire century on this earth. Floy was born in 1905 and has lived in Iowa for most of her life. She was born into a family of six sisters and one brother, but now only her and her baby sister, are still alive.

And that is not the only birthday on tap this thanksgiving holiday. Floy's daughter Muriel Marolf is also celebrating her 81st birthday just one day after her mother turns 100. Both mother and daughter are very happy to be able to share this moment together, and they say they sometimes can't even believe they've made it this long.

Family members from all across the country came down to Esto, in northern Florida, this holiday weekend to celebrate with Floy and Muriel. Sons and daughters, nieces, nephews, and great grand children all attended the festivities. And everyone was very excited to be together on this very special day.

Floy's family members say the majority of their relatives were raised in the home where the party was thrown.