2014 Hurricane Season: Not a Matter of How Few Storms - But Where They Hit

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The Atlantic (which includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean areas) Hurricane Season is underway.

Seasonable forecast factors (that go into predicting how busy a hurricane season might be) all point to a slightly below average season, and a likely earlier end to the season than usual.

Nevertheless, the important consideration is where a tropical storm or hurricane makes landfall.

Percentages this year favor an east coast strike from the Carolinas northward - but those are only percentages. A hurricane could still hit anywhere along the Atlantic or Gulf US coastline, or not at all this year.

We may not have a hurricane come close, but instead get slammed by a tropical storm capable of causing serious flooding, such as Alberto did in July of 1994 (southeast Alabama and western Georgia had 30 people die from flooding related issues, and rainfall between 12 and 25 inches drenched those areas).

Saturday night June 7 at 6:30 CDT, WTVY-TV presents the 2014 Hurricane Outlook and review of what each person should keep in mind as the tropical season progresses.

Nata Harrington has put together a rich and complete overview to the upcoming season. Chris Havely and myself participate along with several of our news reporters.

We all invite you to watch and consider how a hurricane making landfall along the nearby Gulf beaches would affect you, your family (and pets) as well as your property.

We also have a special hurricane section located on our web channel / site. Here, you will find resources that include planning, cash reserves, insurance papers, pet care, power generators, flooding concerns, home preparations, and much, much more.

We hope you will watch this informative special weather program and keep updated all through this hurricane season to WTVY-TV.