2013 Outlook for Cotton is Getting Better

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Farming experts have some good news for cotton farmers.

"The outlook for 2013 cotton is getting better," said Auburn Extension Economist Max Runge.

Last fall there was a large crop which caused prices to drop.
The outlook is better because the estimated price per pound for 2013 is higher than 2012 when it was around 75 cents per pound.

"We're looking at 83 cents which is a price that should entice farmers to plant more cotton," said Runge.

Although the National Cotton Council says the cotton acreage in Alabama will be down 27 percent, experts disagree.

"But it won't be down quite that much. It will be a little lower but not much," said Runge.

Besides weather, there's another big problem farmers in the Southeast face.

"A herbicide resistance weed called 'p'. These weeds can produce as many as a million to two million seeds per female plant," said Auburn Extension Cotton Ergonomist Dale Monks.

Experts say to avoid the weeds or to keep them under control, farmers should rotate crops and be careful with used equipment.

"If they purchase equipment out of state esp. Georgia or sc.. That equipment has to be cleaned up before it's brought into the fields."

Cotton planting season starts around April and May.

Experts say the cotton industry is also waiting to see what China will do.

The country has plenty of cotton and experts say if they release it that could cause the price per pound to drop.

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